Blink UX

Blink is a leading UX research and design firm. I did UX research and testing for several projects with well-known companies.

McCarthy Music

McCarthy Music Corporation is a small startup specializing in software for online piano lessons. I wore many hats but was often tasked with UI design and light web development.

The Bicycle Repair Shop

The Bicycle Repair Shop is a small bicycle rental and repair business in Seattle. I was tasked with redesigning its website to improve usability and aesthetics.


Instashop is a grocery franchise aiming to enter the online grocery shopping market. I drove the research and design process for its website from start to finish.


PINION is a political engagement app (presented at the Seattle Social Good Series hackathon). I served as the design lead on a team with a researcher, two other designers, a developer, and PINION's two founders.

Cold Rain Studios

Cold Rain Studios is a creative agency focused on digital products that make positive impacts. I did research and testing for two of their mobile apps.

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