Blink UX

Blink is a leading UX research and design firm. I did UX research and testing for several projects with well-known companies.

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Blink is a leading UX research and design firm headquartered in Seattle with additional studios in Boston, San Diego, Austin, and San Francisco. Among Blink’s offerings are product design, design research, design strategy, service design, and evaluative research. Championing evidence-driven design since 2000, Blink has completed projects for clients such as Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and NASA.

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I was selected as Blink’s sole UX Research Intern for Summer 2018. During my 11 weeks there, I worked with several well-known clients on different projects and took on much of the same work as full-time researchers, sometimes as lead and sometimes in more supportive roles.

Some of my work included:

  • Planning and conducting studies
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams
  • Writing final reports
  • Editing video clips for presentations
  • Auditing and modifying participant screeners
  • Conducting heuristic analysis
  • Cleaning up spreadsheet data
  • Facilitating generative workshops

The highlight of my internship was the work I did as the lead researcher for a round of testingĀ end-to-end on a high-profile project in close collaboration with a large team (including project managers, product managers, a finance manager, a marketing manager, a software development manager, UX strategists, visual designers, and several UX designers).

The major goals of the project were to:

  1. Clear up confusion that users had about the role of each company in a co-branded experience
  2. Learn what features and information should be accessible through the client company based on users’ needs and expectations

I planned the study and worked with the designers to adapt the session guide to the prototypes and other testing materials they prepared—sometimes working to incorporate last-minute changes from the team—while still maintaining the research focus. After an internal pilot, I ran ten one-hour sessions with participants over two days. Each session consisted of a combination of interviews, usability testing, and variants of A/B testing and card sorting. Without a separate note-taker, I simultaneously took notes and moderated each session. Afterwards, I compiled findings in a final report for the client.

Due to tight scheduling, I was given half the time normally allotted to a seasoned researcher to do the work, but with the help of the team, it went well and the client was extremely pleased.

In compliance with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted confidential information about my work with Blink.