Photo of Razel

Razel Agustino

Profession: UX Researcher (currently at Microsoft)

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Favorite research technique: Ethnographic field study

Favorite Netiquette rule: “Remember the human.”

Hobbies: Playing music, bouldering, ice skating, gaming, brewing beer, reading, hiking, complimenting strangers, questioning everything, talking to dogs


A former psychology lab researcher (interested in people) and lifelong learner (interested in improvement), Razel likes to observe people, think critically, and chase her curiosity down the rabbit hole. After doing psych research for UC Berkeley and Yale, she wandered around law firms for a bit before stumbling upon the UX field. Now as a UX professional, she uses the power of research to solve problems and create positive, measurable change. Her work has helped Fortune 100 companies, startups, and small businesses. She believes in using technology to make lives better and loves using data to serve the greater good.


  • To learn everything there is to learn about the whys and hows of human nature
  • To record, analyze, distill, and organize information in helpful ways that can be easily shared, learned from, and used
  • To contribute to interesting and varied projects that truly impact people’s experiences

“I’m addicted to learning and I want to save the world.”


  • Evangelizing good UX and selling the value of including the user early and often
  • Convincing skeptics that things can and should be tested before they’re developed
  • Lying awake at night thinking about all the ways things can be improved

“If they don’t understand why UX matters, they just need to be educated in a way that speaks to them.”